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Tamper Evident Security Tape (SECURE/OPENED PACKAGE)



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Key features

  • Tamper evident and theft-deterrent security tape
  • Aids the identification of tampered packages 
  • Improve the security of your goods in transit and storage
  • Help reduce theft
  • Help reduce tampering 
  • Easy to apply 
  • Outer design: SECURE PACKAGE + Locked Padlock Icon
  • Tamper design: OPENED PACKAGE + Opened Padlock Icon
  • Widely recycled cardboard core
  • Widely recycled packaging


Prevent theft, losses, returns fraud and counterfeiting with Tamper Evident Security Tape

Tamper Evident Security Tape helps businesses increase the security of their goods in transit & storage. This easy-to-apply tape creates a prominant visual deterrent by clearly stating the words 'SECURE PACKAGE' on the tape's surface. When removed, the tape's lining separates, revealing an irreversible 'OPENED PACKAGE' message. As a result, businesses have a clear warning that tampering may have occurred. Furthermore, the criminal is also aware that thier actions have been highlighted.

Bold design makes this security tape unmissable

Bold lettering and visual icons promote an unmissable theft & tamper deterrant. When sealed and untampered, the tape displays a 'SECURE PACKAGE' message and a locked padlock icon. However, when tampered with, the tape reveals an 'OPENED PACKAGE' message and an unlocked padlock icon. 

Add this tape to most cardboard boxes and outer-packaging materials

Tamper Evident Security Tape is very versatile and performs well on most outer-packing materials, including cardboard, polybags and envelopes. However, as this is an important security aid, we recommend testing first.  

Customise your Tamper Evident Security Tape.

In addition to standard off-the-shelf designs, we can create an entirely bespoke version just for your business. Additionally, both the top-layer and reveal message can be fully customised to meet your needs and brand styling. Furthermore, custom printed designs do not go on general sale. As a result, this can help increase security further. Please get in touch with us for more information. 




Q: Do you offer discounts for larger quantities?
A: We certainly do. Just give us a call on 01480 469026, we'd love to hear from you.

Q: What types of boxes and packaging does it work on?
A: Security Tape works on most common boxes and outer-packaging materials. However, as this is an important security aid, we recommend testing first.  

Do you have a question? Email us at info@gaffertape.com or call on 01480 469026



Security Tape Tips

A clean and dry surface is key to your Secuirty Tape working effectively. Remove dust, oil and other contaminants from the surface before applying and ensure surfaces are dry and free from damp.

Tamper Tapes can be an effective aid to your packaging security. To keep it at its best, we recommend this tape is stored at room temperature, away from direct sunlight and damp. 



Additional Information

PLEASE NOTE: For best results, we recommend applying to a smooth, clean, dry and non-porous surface. Additionally, surfaces should be free from dust, oil and other contaminants. Stated performance figures and specifications are based on average values and should not be regarded as maximum or minimum. Due to the nature of this product, performance may deteriorate over time. Furthermore, suggested uses should only be considered a general guide due to varying application environments. Moreover, we recommend all users assess the suitability of our products for their individual applications and refer to our full technical datasheet before use. Measurements are approximate.

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