Gaffer/Duct Tape (PRO MATT)


Professional matt gaffer/cloth tapes for Film, TV & Live Events.

Matt gaffer tapes, also known as camera tape or cloth tapes, are perfect for on-the-spot applications on film sets and live events. From securing cables & camera accessories, to marking up sound desks & truss; they're easy to use, reflect very little light and are incredibly versatile. Furthermore, a quality gaffer tape can be removed with minimal, if any, adhesive residue. 

Some of the key features of an excellent film-and-tv gaffer tape are:

A matt, non-reflective finish

A matt finish helps to minimise a tape's visibility on-camera. Buy absorbing studio lighting rather than bouncing it back, matt gaffer tapes can go relatively unnoticed on-camera. In fact, tapes like our MagTape Pro Grade Matt offer an impressively low 1.9% reflection ratio. Moreover, a smooth non-reflective finish provides a more premium look than traditional duct tapes. This quality finish can be more suited for close-up uses or applications where the tape is more likely to be seen by the public.

Tear on-the-spot, in both directions 

A high cloth content allows many of our Pro-grade gaffer/cloth tapes to be easily torn by hand. Many can even be torn across both the length and width of the tape. As a result, they're ideal for on-the-spot applications on film and TV sets.

Peel clean adhesives

We put all our matt gaffer tapes through rigorous testing to see how their adhesive performs. If you're working in Film and TV, you likely need a tape that holds securely but also peels away leaving minimal (if any) residue. As a result, our tapes are tested on various surfaces and for periods of up to 90 days. You can find out more about the performance of each gaffer tape on the relevant product pages.

We hope you find the above information helpful. It is of course intended only as a general guide. We recommend users determine to suitability of the product themselves before use.