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Pro Grade Matt Gaffer Tape

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Adhesive Strength

Clean Removal*

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Key features

  • Born for the TV & Film industry
  • True professional camera tape
  • 1.9% Reflection ratio
  • Superior matt finish 
  • Residue resistant
  • Professional grade, 80 mesh cloth
  • Colour options: black, white, silver, red, blue, green, yellow
  • A genuine MagTape® professional product

TV & Film industry Camera Tape
A gaffer tape born for the TV & Film industry. Offering a minimal 1.9% reflection ratio the Pro Grade Matt Gaffer Tape is a stage & set designer's dream tape. Standard 'gloss' gaffer tapes can often bounce back high levels of light making them easily visible and unattractive in TV, Film and Photography studio situations. 


Benefits of Pro Grade Matt Gaffer Tape

Help keep equipment free from sticky residue

Performing brilliantly in our tests, this gaffer tape peeled cleanly from surfaces including Steel, Wood, Glazed Tile, Carpet, Plastic and Vinyl, where it was left for 14 days before removing. It was one of the best we've ever tested. While we of course can't guarantee it being completely residue/damage free in every situation, the performance we experienced was exceptional. It's clear why so many TV & Film professionals choose the MagTape® Professional brand.

It's a proper camera / gaffer tape!

A non-reflective, matt finish, easy to tear in both directions and a low residue adhesive; it's a true professional's gaffer tape. From cables & cameras to sound desks and truss, it perfect for on-the-spot applications and taping up professional equipment. The MagTape® brand is one of the most popular names in film, TV and entertainment industry.

Tear on-the-spot, in both directions

A high cloth content allows this gaffer tape to be easily torn, by hand, across both the length and width of the tape. Ideal for on-the-spot applications.





Q: Will this gaffer tape leave residue?
This gaffer tape performed brilliantly on all our residue tests. We tested it on Steel, Wood, Glazed Tile, Carpet, Rubber Cable, Plastic and Vinyl. It was applied indoors and room temperature where is was left for 14 days before removing. It was one of the best we've ever tested. While we can't guarantee it being completely residue free in every situation, the performance we experienced was exceptional.

Q: Can it be torn both ways?
Yes. This is a high-mesh gaffer tape which can be easily torn across both the length and width of the tape.

Q: Do you offer discounts for larger quantities?
A: We certainly do. Just give us a call on 01480 469026, we'd love to hear from you.

Q: Can this tape be written on?
A: Yes, with a sharpie or equivalent, this gaffer tape can be written on. However, you may be interested in the matt version of this tape - Pro Grade Matt Gaffer Tape which is far easier to write on and less likely to be wiped off. 

Do you have a question? Email us at or call on 01480 469026





Gaffer tape tips

A clean surface is key, especially when using for more demanding applications. Remove dust, oil and other contaminants from the surface before applying, this will help the adhesive get a good 'bite'. 

Gaffer tape can be used in all sorts of ways, and to keep it at its best, we recommend this tape is stored at room temperature, away from direct sunlight. 





Additional Information

PLEASE NOTE: For best results, we recommend applying to a surface that is smooth, clean, dry, non-porous and free from dust, oil and other contaminants. Stated performance figures and specification are based on average values and should not be regarded as maximum or minimum values. Measurements are approximate. Due to the nature of this product, performance may deteriorate over time. Due to varying application environments, the suggested uses should be considered as a general guide only. We recommend all users assess the suitability of our products for their individual application and refer to our full technical datasheet before use.

Star ratings are intended only as a general comparison across our range.
*All tapes may leave residue on some surfaces, always test on a small area first.
** Once applied to most smooth, clean, dry, non-porous surfaces, free from dust, oil and other contaminants.


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