Home Dance Floors & Practice Mats


Home dance floors & practice mats for Tap, Irish, Ballet, Ballroom, Salsa, Contemporary, Hip-Hop, Jazz, Street & Modern dance.

We’ve combined the performance of our world-renowned, professional dance floors with compact portability. All our dance mats are made from professional studio-grade dance floors; cut to size to give you a practice mat you can use at home.

How to choose the right dance floor.


Home Dance Floor vs Practice Mat - What's the difference?

There's no difference at all between our home dance floors and practice mats, only their size. A practice mat is simply a large dance floor that's been cut down to size. It's exactly the same material we use in fully-fitted professional dance studios.

Choose a floor that's right for your dance style.

We've highlighted the most suitable dance styles for all our dance floors and practice mats. You'll find this information on the product pages. However, if you're still not sure, we have a team of specialist advisors, trained in all our floors and will be more than happy to help you. Contact us on 01480 469026 or use our online chat. 

Consider the space available.

We recommend measuring your available space before choosing your dance floor. It's also important to consider access, ensuring that doors and walkways are not blocked or obstructed. If you're planning on installing a dance floor in your home semi-permanently, it may be beneficial to order a slightly over-sized piece. As our floors can be trimmed to size, cutting back an over-sized piece can help you make the most of your available space and get a neat edge-to-edge finish.

  • Practice mats are ideal for smaller areas and temporary use. 

For smaller areas and temporary use, our practice mats are ideal. They quickly roll out when you need them and are just as easy to roll up and store. Additionally, our 2x1m My Dance Mat kits, come complete with a heavy-duty storage bag to help keep your Practice Mat protected when not in use.

  • Home dance floors are ideal for larger areas and more frequent use.

If you have the space available and will be performing regularly, you may wish to consider our home dance floors. Larger than our standard practice mats, home dance floors give you more room to perform. Furthermore, they can be foam-sprung for added comfort, ideal for ballet dance. However, due to their size, they can be heavy and more difficult to store when not in use. 


How to look after your new dance floor 


Watch out for lose screws on tap shoes

Our dance floors and practice mats are seriously tough, but the edge of a lose screw on a tap shoe can still leave its mark. Before starting each practice session, we recommend giving your shoes a once-over to make sure all the screws are nice and tight, and you don't have any sharp edges. 

Keep it clean and looking good as new 

Sweat and dirt can soon build-up, and it can make your floor slippery. We have a range of cleaners, sprays and wipes to help keep your floor looking good as new and safe to dance on. You can find them right here - Dance Floor Cleaners

How to store your floor


Standard 2x1m Practice Mats

If you purchased a My Dance™ Practice Mat 2x1m, your new floor will come with its own heavy-duty storage bag. When you're not using your practice mat, keep it neatly rolled up and stored in the bag provided. Your mat should ideally be stored at room temperature, away from direct sunlight and damp. It is important not to lay anything on top of your practice mat, as this can cause it to crease.  

Larger Practice Mats and Home Dance Floors

Our home dance floors and larger practice mats come complete with a storage tube and floor straps. As above, your floor should ideally be stored at room temperature, away from direct sunlight and damp. Even with larger dance floors, it's equally important not to lay anything on top, as this can cause it to crease and make it much harder to lay.

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