Economy Matt Gaffer Tape

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Key Features

  • Matt non-reflective finish 
  • Multi-surface, quick grab adhesive 
  • More 'bite' than our Pro-Grade Matt Gaffer Tape (but still offers good peel-clean performance itself)
  • Resistant to wet weather and low temperatures
  • Durable 63 mesh construction
  • Easy to tear by hand
  • Widely recycled cardboard core
  • Widely recycled packaging
  • Inner core made using recycled materials 
  • Brand: MagTape™ Xtra Matt by Le Mark

A low-cost matt gaffer tape with a multi-surface adhesive

Our Economy Matt Gaffer Tape (also known as MagTape™ Xtra Matt, by Le Mark) has been designed to offer a lower-cost alternative to our Pro-Grade Matt Gaffer Tape. Still boasting a smooth matt finish and multi-surface adhesive, it's ideal for TV, Film and Live Events. Furthermore, its adhesive has a bit more 'bite' than the Pro-Grade, making it better suited for more challenging surfaces. 


A smooth matt finish

This tape's matt finish makes it popular with Film & TV studios. Furthermore, the non-reflective surface gives it a quality appearance for close-up work. For an even smoother matt finish, check out our Pro-Grade Matt Gaffer Tape

A bit more 'bite'

With more 'bite' than our Pro-Grade Matt Gaffer Tape, High-Tak Gaffer is better suited to more demanding applications. Its fast-acting adhesive bonds instantly to almost any clean and dry surface. In addition, the multi-surface adhesive offers short-term resistance to low temperatures, making it better suited for temporary outdoor use.

No residue for up to 60 days

This tape performed brilliantly in our tests, peeling cleanly from surfaces including Steel, Wood, Glazed Tile, Carpet, Plastic, Vinyl and with only minor adhesive traces on cable. It was applied at room temperature and left for 60 days before removing. While we can't guarantee it being completely residue/damage free in every situation, the performance we experienced was exceptional. It's clear why so many TV & Film professionals choose the MagTape® Professional brand.

Easy to tear, in both directions

A high cloth content allows this gaffer tape to be easily torn, by hand, across both the length and width of the tape. Ideal for on-the-spot applications.



Q: Will this gaffer tape leave residue?
This gaffer tape performed brilliantly in our residue tests. We tested it on Steel, Wood, Glazed Tile, Carpet, Plastic and Vinyl. The tape was applied indoors at room temperature and left for 60 days before removing. While we can't guarantee it being completely residue-free in every situation, the performance we experienced was very good.

Q: Can it be torn both ways?
Yes. This is a medium-mesh gaffer tape which can be easily torn across both the length and width of the tape.

Q: Do you offer discounts for larger quantities?
A: We certainly do. Just give us a call on 01480 469026, we'd love to hear from you.

Q: Can this tape be written on?
A: Yes, with a sharpie or equivalent, this gaffer tape can be written on. However, you may be interested in our Pro Grade Matt Gaffer Tape which is better suited for being written on.

Do you have a question? Email us at info@gaffertape.com or call on 01480 469026



Gaffer tape tips

A clean surface is key, especially when using for more demanding applications. Remove dust, oil and other contaminants from the surface before applying, this will help the adhesive get a good 'bite'. 

Gaffer tape can be used in all sorts of ways, and to keep it at its best, we recommend this tape is stored at room temperature, away from direct sunlight. 



Additional Information

PLEASE NOTE: For best results, we recommend applying to a surface that is smooth, clean, dry, non-porous and free from dust, oil and other contaminants. Stated performance figures and specification are based on average values and should not be regarded as maximum or minimum values. Measurements are approximate. Due to the nature of this product, performance may deteriorate over time. Due to varying application environments, the suggested uses should be considered as a general guide only. We recommend all users assess the suitability of our products for their individual application and refer to our full technical datasheet before use.

Star ratings are intended only as a general comparison across our range. Please refer to PDF datasheet for full information
*All tapes may leave residue on some surfaces, always test on a small area first.


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Great looking tape, not quite sticky enough

Denise Goodman

The Matt finish is really good, but the tape needs to be a little bit sticker to fix cables to a stage. I wish I had bought a test roll before I bought 10.

Recent order

Gerald Armin

Appreciate the fast turnaround!

Economy Matt Gaffer Tape


great product

Gaffatape 50mm

kim turner

Great tap, always use this company, very good service, and good price

I ordered 4 rolls for our club, but not yet tested

Mr J Bowen

Once tested, if ok I will be ordering a box of 24 possibly every 12 weeks, so will be looking for a club discount if possible.

Great Product, Super Fast Delivery! *****

Paul Ferris

Great service and delivery was super quick. Excellent A*****

Always great products

Alistair Maple

We always buy our gaffer tape from www.gaffatape.com as its cheap and really good quality. Delivery is always very quick too!

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